What is better than free?

I had an awesome week with lots of simple things. I needed a break from the chaos that has entered our lives too often. To make things even better, 4 of the best things in my week were free.

I was putting the cart away at the grocery store and noticed this….


Free Boost: It was a completely random and unexpected thing to find on a grocery store cart. It made me smile and instantly gave me a kick in my day. A free boost to my self esteem.

I went home and took to the internet to see if I could find some stickers of my own. What I discovered was a whole movement of people set to spread the message. How wonderful. Check them out at you-are-beautiful.com. The really awesome thing is that you can get 20 stickers for only $5. A great inexpensive way to boost a stranger’s day. (no, this is not an affiliate link, I just thought it was a cool thing)


Free Sample: If only odd people get excited about free samples of fish oil I must be odd because this made my week. I’ve been having some health struggles for the past year and one of the things I’ve had to cut out of my diet is soy and all its bi-products. That includes soy bean oil, a common ingredient in fish oil supplements. I use fish oil to help manage my arthritis and inflammation. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take them for a few months. I was excited to get a sample of some soy free pills in the mail this week. Now I can try them out before I buy a bottle only to discover they make me sick…I might make myself sick for free!


(mostly) Free Beans: I did it. The thing almost every mom does. I bought candy for the girls’ Easter Baskets early and hid it in my room. Well, it didn’t make it until Easter. I cracked into the bag this week to get a small handful…and that small handful turned into a 2nd one. Over the course of the week, the entire bag of beans disappeared into my stomach. I guess I will be buying another bag of beans before Easter…



Free Time: My sister and I try to get together every Wednesday evening. We usually run a couple errands and then do something random. Due to our crazy lives we haven’t been able to see each other for a few weeks. I missed the opportunity to vent, laugh, and just spend some time together. Well, this week we made it happen! It was wonderful to take a short walk through the park before getting chased out by mosquitoes.


Those were 4 of my (mostly) free things that made my week better. What were some simple things that improved your week?




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