Well I Broke It


I broke it good.

The entire thing is gone.

My work from the past 6 weeks, all gone with the exception of 1 article.

All my coding, all my formatting, all my tweaking.


I’ve shed some tears tonight and I’m sure to shed a bunch more. It is discouraging to lose it all.

I was in over my head and trying to tweak something in the base code file of the template. I should have realized that I’m a wanna be nerd, not a real one. I don’t know full HTML code, only the baby stuff so I don’t know what made me think I could tweak the template.

Except I had gotten away with it so many times before. Tweaking, adding code here and there so that I could make the site do what I wanted.

Well this time I made a mistake so big I couldn’t recover. It didn’t just give me an error, it gave me the White Screen of Death. A screen so permanent that I couldn’t access any of my administration tools. And when I went to my hosting site, I thought for a brief moment that I could recover everything. My host creates a database nightly as a back-up. Awesome.

But no, the database that I set up at the host was for my mailing list.

If you came here looking for a post and got an error. I’m sorry from the deepest place in my heart. I wish it would all go back to how it was and you could see what you wanted to read.

And so this is just a brief note to let anyone who drops into the site to know that I am here, I am going to write and recreate this dream of mine. It is something that I’ve been dreaming of for a very long time, and one little blip on my day won’t make me give up.


I will still post every weekday and Living in Green Grass is going to grow into something beautiful and marvelous. It just got hit with a massive amount of grass killer, and I am replanting with stronger and better seed, taking more care to fertilize as I go.

Look for me on Monday!



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