Theresa’s Miracle Car

I met Theresa through a Facebook group. I wish we lived on the same side of the US because I would love to sit down and have a cup of tea with her. Theresa radiates happiness and contentment. Even when she is asking for prayer during hard times, she tries to find positives and joy in her situations.

I asked Theresa to share a story about contentment in order to give her a Green Grass Award. She Lives Green Grass, completely content with what she has and is given, making the best of every situation she is in. I was planning on taking her story and rewriting it in my own words but her words are beautiful. May you be as blessed as I was….

Life is hard. There is no denying this. No matter how hard you try there will always be a speed bump along the road. Depressing thought isn’t it? I used to think so. Before I gave my heart and life to Christ, I would cry out asking why He was punishing me. I didn’t attend church, didn’t read my Bible and refused to pray every day to a God who would do bad stuff to good people.


No matter how I felt about God He was the first one I turned to when things went bad but never remembered to thank Him or praise His name during the good times.

Despite my lack of acknowledgment to God He never left me. As a child we had the poem Footprints hanging in our bathroom. I would read it often but never understood that the God in the fancy poem was the same God that was holding me. After I decided to give my life over to God things completely changed.

Back in December while driving home from our job our car broke down. My mom was driving and my 8 year old daughter was asleep in the backseat. It was late and we had no way of fixing this problem.

We had recently become friends with some wonderful people who lived close by and since we had no other friends or family around we called on them. They left their warm cozy beds to help get our car to a safe place and get us home.

Diagnosis on the car was grim the next day. Our engine needed a complete overhaul.

The cost was $5000!

I am a single mom who lives with her disabled mother. There is no nest egg for car repairs. We were stuck and had no transportation to work. We live paycheck to paycheck and to miss a day of work makes a bill late or less food on the table.

As a family we spent 10 days worrying and praying. After the first few days I reached out to everyone I knew to pray for us, including those on Facebook. The more I reached out the more I felt the prayers calm my soul. Then God moved in our lives through complete strangers.


They saw my plea for prayer on a public Facebook page and offered us a car!

Within a few days we were the owners of a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am. This wasn’t the minivan we were praying for and we have a hard time fitting my mom’s walker in the trunk but it was transportation to our job. Praise God! I started appreciating each day our car’s engine turns on.

A month after our miracle this car died on us. We had a blown head gasket. That is one of the worst things that could happen to your car. Now we were faced with another outrageous car repair bill.

No money

no credit

no one to help us

Again I reached out to God and asked for friends to pray. Our church heard our story and provided a third of the bill’s amount. Then the wonderful people who gave us the car raised money at their church for us covering another third of the bill. After receiving my mom’s vacation pay we had the cost covered and a guy who could do it in a few days time.

I sang God’s praises again. Within a week we were on the road once again and our job was safe. A week ago our car died again.

By this time I would have given up if it wasn’t for God and the kindness I have seen in strangers and friends.

The guy who fixed our head gasket left wires hanging by the exhaust. While at the shop we found out we needed more work.

The bill was close to $3000.

I contacted every ministry and agency that helps people in trouble but no one could help. After got one last phone number and found another stranger willing to step in and do God’s work for us.

He went to the garage and asked what would get us on the road again. Funny how that amount went from $3000 to $220 when we had a mechanic check it out. The man paid the bill for us and we were back on the road the next day.

We found out he works through a local church doing car ministry. Awesome idea! All those other things wrong with the car will be taken care of after the Easter season, thanks to him. Praise is to God!

God did not answer the original prayer for a new car but through this chain of events I have learned so much more. God not only is answering my prayers for a car but He has also let me meet some amazing people along the way.

I believe that if God sent a the exact car we wanted to my front door the first time I prayed I would be thankful but not 100% appreciative of all the work God does in our lives.

I have made new friends who are like family to me. I have been touched by some amazing ministries. I have seen what it is like to be at your lowest. I have walked in the shoes of someone about to lose everything just before God stepped in and turned that around.

It was scary at times and I worried plenty but my faith is now stronger then it has ever been.

Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

A clear reminder that God is in control. Life is hard, but God is bigger than this life. It may not be what you want or asked for from God but trust in His timing and understanding. God knows what He is doing.


 ~Theresa Young

Theresa’s faith helps her be content because she is trusting in God to provide when she has a need. You may find contentment in other ways. I’m always looking for people who know how to Live In Green Grass. If you have been inspired by someone or have your own story to share, please contact me using the Green Grass Awards tab or by clicking here.



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