Survey Sites to Earn a Few Dollars

The last couple Tuesdays I have been talking about our family finances. I have talked about our budget and a few creative ways I stretch our dollar.

One way I get creative is by taking online surveys. There are so many survey companies out there it is easy to get overwhelmed. Over the years I have tried over 20 different survey sites and panels. Some are very good and some are bad.

Before registering with a survey company I recommend creating a unique email. Some sites send lots of emails. This also makes it easy to see what surveys are being sent to you.

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When looking for a survey company, I always look for 3 basic things:

  1. They pay in dollars–not points. There are a couple exceptions to this rule that I explain below.
  2. They let you cash out via check, paypal, or gift card. I have found that when you redeem for items it costs more than if you cash out and buy the item yourself.
  3. They have a unique survey panel. There are many survey sites that run through the same routers. If you are trying to access the same survey from multiple companies this can cause redemption and credit issues.


My favorite sites:


JD power panel survey

JD Power Panel is one of my favorite sites. They have a large variety of surveys that post throughout the day. They do use a couple different routers but they don’t conflict with the other companies.

They are very accurate as far as how long it will take to complete the survey. Often it takes less time than they estimate.

A unique feature is that they usually pay 10 cents per survey that you attempt but don’t qualify for. They payout to giftcards ($10 minimum, most at $25) and PayPal ($50 minimum with a 3% transaction fee taken off your payout amount).

Through experience, I have learned most their surveys post just after the top of each hour.

Once you request a payout, it can take a few weeks before it is redeemed and you get the money. It isn’t quick but it is one of the best paying sites around.



QuickRewards survey link 

QuickRewards is my other favorite site. They are a more traditional survey panel. They do targeted surveys based on your profile as well as offering you different routers.

There are so many options that I don’t have time to do them all. I generally attempt the surveys on my home page. I also have found great success with the QuickReward targeted and virtual panel surveys. When I have extra time, I attempt to access surveys through their daily routers.

QuickRewards pays in both dollars and points. Most of their surveys are paid in real money. Many of their surveys are worth between 50 cents and a dollar.

They also use QuickPoints to pay a few surveys. I don’t mind this because it is easy to figure out their value. There are 100 QuickPoints per penny. Don’t be fooled by a survey that pays 1,313 QuickPoints. It is only worth 13 cents.

The neat thing about QuickRewards is that there are other ways to earn money besides simply taking surveys. You can earn money shopping online, printing and using coupons, visiting websites or doing simple tasks, playing games and many other ways.

A bonus with QuickRewards is that they are quick on their payouts. Gift cards are mailed weekly and PayPal is processed daily. There is no minimum on PayPal so if you need it now, you can get it within a day.


MintVine survey link

MintVine is the latest survey site I use. They are a newer company but they appear to have lots of potential. I don’t get as many surveys through them but they have some unique features that I like.

MintVine emails you a notification for every survey you can attempt. This way you don’t have to log their system constantly to see if something is available.

They pay per points but it is easy to figure out their points system. It is 100 points per dollar. They also pay 5 points (or 5 cents) per survey you don’t qualify for.

They have offers and local deals that you can also complete to gain more points. Most of them are free although some do require a credit card or to sign up for a trial.

They payout in cash via PayPal or Dwolla every time you reach $10.


Pinecone Research survey link

Pinecone Research is an invitation only survey panel.

They pay 300 points per survey. Their system is very straightforward like MintVine. 100 points per dollar. $3.00 per survey is very high paying for an online survey company.

Plus, many of their surveys include product testing. That means they ship you the product for free to test and then provide feedback on. Most of the time you get to keep the product. If you have to mail it back, they also pay for return shipping.

They offer both cash and item redemption. I always choose the cash option. There is no minimum cash out and they either mail you a check or use PayPal.

Because they are invitation only, it is hard to find a way in. QuickRewards is currently extending an invitation for PineCone Research. If you sign up for QuickRewards, there should be a link to Pinecone Research on your home page.



You will not get rich taking surveys. You won’t even make minimum wage however I find them very valuable. It allows me to supplement my income on my time and is entirely flexible. If the girls interrupt me it isn’t a problem, I just resume the survey when I can.

I have paid for birthdays and Christmas in years past using survey money. When every dollar counts this is one way to add a few to your bottom line.

If you take online surveys, what are your favorite sites?




In full disclosure: I do get a referral credit for both QuickRewards and MintVine. Please consider using my links if you decide to join either of these panels. I won’t get rich but every penny helps.



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