I’m building something this year

Build something

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to build yet, but I know I am.

Last year was so hectic, things coming in, things going out, that I simply accepted things were they were. I didn’t give them much thought, it was more about survival than success.

And I survived. More struggles than I was willing to share publicly because they were not my story to share. I “whatever-ed” changes, struggles, and failures. I also “whatever-ed” victories and successes, not wanting to get attached to something great in fear that it too would disappear.

I was left with a little, and a lot at the same time. I’m sure many of you can relate.

So for my word this year I have chosen to build. I want to build many things but they fall into 4 main categories.



I want to build and grow spiritually. I feel like I have a strong faith, but I don’t have good spiritual habits. I pray several times a day. I talk to God more often than that, as if I’m talking to myself. But I have yet to develop a good devotional habit where I’m reading my Bible regularly.

Often I feel guilty or a tug in my spirit to read the Bible. Sometimes I pause to read, other times I ignore it and get busy doing something else. It is hard. I want to build a habit where I am reading my Bible several times a week. I’m not shooting for every day, or to read the Bible in a year, but a habit where I’m regularly spending time reading about my God.


My health is always an adventure. It is full of ups and downs and often feels like a roller coaster. My goal is simple–to build healthy habits.

Although I need to lose weight, I refuse to go on a diet. I know I should count calories, but if I’m over my daily intake I’m not going to stress or stave myself.

I know I need to exercise, right now my goal is to exercise 3 times a week–doing something above and beyond what I normally do. Some days it might be an official cardio-burning workout, other days it will simply be a walk, or playing a Kinect game with the girls.

Building lifelong healthy habits instead of riding the roller coaster or watching the weight yo-yo.


I want to build up my family and friends and support them. I have many friends who are struggling or going through things. I want to build that support net, being here when they need for tears of both strife and joy.

My husband went through a lot last year. Every dream and goal he had in life melted away at his feet. He is lost. My goal this year is to build him up and give him the support that he needs to once again feel fulfilled in life.


I want to build something. That very sentence alone strikes fear into my family. I am not gifted at using tools. I don’t read plans or follow diagrams and directions very easily. I like cooking and baking because if I go slightly off recipe it still usually turns out okay.

Something happens when I grab a hammer and nails. Even when I try to stay on plan, it never turns out as it should.

This year, I am going to find a project and physically build a structure. It may only end up being a shelf or a birdhouse, but I want to start from the basic raw materials and create it all myself. And if power tools are needed, I want to use them myself instead of being the damsel-in-distress, watching my husband do all the work.

As with all my other goals, I don’t know what it is going to be, and I’m sure it will turn out differently than I originally imagine.

But that is the beauty of picking only one word to summarize my entire year.

It provides flexibility. It gives me freedom. I can work outside of the box.

It allows me room to build beyond my dreams.

What is something you want to accomplish this year?



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