New Year, New Site

Blog is moving

Welcome to 2015!

Every year begins like a clean slate. Yes, there were things that happened last year that we still deal with. There are things that change who I am.

But the beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate your life and set goals for the future. It is why I believe New Year’s Resolutions are so popular.

I like to pick one word to focus on for the entire year. It is kind of like summarizing all my resolutions into something concrete. This year my word is “Build”. More on that next week….

This year is beginning with a change. I’m sure there will be more than one thing change, but this is now.

Living In Green Grass is Moving

It is nearing time to renew my website. When you have a website there are lots of fees associated with it, beyond just the URL. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it adds up over the year.

I cannot justify spending money on the website when we are pinching pennies as tight as we do. There is just no extra. This is one thing I have to sacrifice.

By letting this go, it is a gift to my family. It is one thing I can contribute to help us get back into the black every month instead of continually draining our soon to be non-existent savings account.

If you have come to love this blog, do not worry! I am still blogging, just moving to a free hosted blog.

You will see very few changes.

There is a different look to the site.

There are some slight changes in the way posts will look. I don’t have as many tools I can use to design a blog post.

I have no control over ads or ad placement. I’m very sorry about this. If one shows up in the middle of a post I cannot help that. It is WordPress placing it there.

Finally, the blog website is slightly different. “WordPress” now appears in the middle of the URL.

It is ready to go! Check it out at: 

Please update any bookmarks you have. If you follow via email, you will have to re-subscribe. I have no way of transferring that over. Any other social media platform is still valid.


For the next few weeks I will be dual-posting to both blogs. Sometime in the end of January/beginning of February the old blog will disappear.

I’m excited for this new year. A year of building and growing.

And it starts with continuing to get us toward financial stability. It starts today.


What goals and dreams do you have for this year? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about them.




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