The accidental tradition

mccartyv / Pixabay

Every year we buy the girls a WebKinz. It has become a tradition in our family.

In order to continue to play the online game, the girls have to enter a new code once a year. This is a cheap way to give them a game they love.

And until this year they’ve played it often. Then they discovered Minecraft. WebKinz has lost its glitz and grammar, being replaced by something more pixelated, yet more interesting.

So about a month ago I asked the girls what they wanted for Christmas. Miss Crafty let me know, “aside from our annual WebKinz, I’m not sure.”

I was so confused. They don’t even play online any more. It is just another stuffed animal to add to their collection.

I pleaded my case but was informed it had to be a WebKinz because they each get one every year.

So I took to Amazon to select their annual present, envisioning myself doing this every year. With this expectation, I’m going to be mailing them WebKinz when they’re 30.

I decided to mix it up this year. They’re getting the same animal. The only difference is that one poodle is pink, the other is black.

I quickly ordered their first Christmas present and set my mind off of it.

Then the girls came to me Monday night, they had another request.

They wanted me to hide their WebKinz in the house. Make a Christmas morning scavenger hunt of sorts. Wherever did they get that idea?

As they reminded me, I did it last year.

Then it all came flooding back. Last year I bought their WebKinz early and hid them in my room. I completely forgot about them until late Christmas Eve. The wrapping paper was buried in the garage and it was cold outside. I didn’t want to go find it.

I was lazy.

So instead my husband and I hid their presents in the house. We put one of them in a dresser and the other in the cereal cupboard.

Apparently they had fun because they requested I repeat the game this year.

But they’re upping the stakes and created some rules:

  1. All Christmas presents from my husband and I need to be hidden.
  2. They need to be hard to find–but not too hard. They don’t want to spend hours looking for them.
  3. Presents can be hidden in the front of the house or the school room. Nowhere else. We have a small house so I have about 400 square feet of space to work with.
  4. Aside from the WebKinz, presents still need to be wrapped. This way it is easier to tell if it is a new thing or something they already owned.

So on Christmas Eve when everyone else is busily sleeping, I’m going to be snooping around the house looking for creative hiding places for wrapped gifts.

Participating in a new tradition.

All because I was too lazy to wrap a couple stuffed animals last year.


What are some fun traditions you have in your family?




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