Our Christmas tree fits my family

Christmas Tree

I love our Christmas tree.

It is a small but mighty pink tinsel tree.

It is a whole 4 feet tall.

It is loaded down with mis-matched ornaments.

But it is awesome.

Because it fits my family so perfectly.


Many years ago we didn’t have a Christmas tree.

My husband and I didn’t care. Neither of us love to decorate for the holidays so it wasn’t a priority in our family.

But as the girls grew they started getting into the awe of the holiday. I decided it was time to get a tree.

We didn’t have much money that year, but I really wanted to give them a tree. Looking at the budget I knew all I could spend was $20. It was going to be difficult to find a tree for that amount. We didn’t have a tree stand so I knew I needed a fake one.

Soon after I got an ad in the mail for a local discount store. They had 4 foot tall trees on sale for $15. I am horrible at spacial relations and understanding how big things are simply by their description. I thought 4 feet would be an average sized tree. At that time Miss Crafty was 3 and The Inventor was 2. I thought in all things small and mighty so 4 feet sounded huge.

I loaded the girls up in the car and we drove the 1/4 mile to our local store. As we walked down the tree isle I watched the girls eyes light up. They were lost in a sea of Christmas colors.

We came to the 4 foot trees and were surprised with options. I let them choose from blue, pink, white, and green. Being girls, they quickly chose pink.

I set it up in their bedroom. We had few ornaments, and most were handmade scraps of paper made by preschoolers but they had so much fun decorating and re-decorating the tree for a few weeks.

Many memories were made that first year and all of them bring smiles.

A couple years later we were given an 8 foot tall traditional Christmas tree.

It was beautiful. It was huge. I have many memories with that tree too. Every year we tried to decide whether we’d put up the large you-can’t-help-but-miss-it tree or our quaint pink one. Sometimes we put up both.

Last year we decided to put up the big one. It was in the way. It was beautiful. The girls had lots of fun.

Did I mention it was in the way?

That became a problem.

The girls were playing tag the weekend before Christmas and forgot about the tree. As they ran through the house The Inventor smacked straight into it. Down went the tree, cracking the base beyond repair along with many ornaments we had gathered over the years.

We cleaned up the mess, and got out our trusty pink tree. It sat in the room, feeling so small and perfect.

So this past weekend when it was time to set up the tree again I gladly went and got the tiny box that houses our pink tree out of the garage.

And I smiled as I listened to the girls hum Christmas carols while putting on ornaments, beads, and candy canes.

Our tree is once again waited down and overfilled with homemade ornaments and things collected over the years. It is a little rough around the edges, and is on the short side.

But it fits my family perfectly.

Because we are not a picture perfect family.

We are a little rough around the edges.

We make the best out of what we have and we happily use them.

We come up with creative solutions to solve our problems, living within our means and being content with what we have.

Because our small pink Christmas tree is full of memories and love.

It is a tradition around here. And one I am thrilled to have.


What kind of memories does your Christmas tree spark





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