Fulfilled Fridays 18 Linkup

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Winter is so beautiful.

One look out my window at the snow that still blankets the ground a week later reminds me of how beautiful it is.

The freezing cold temperatures set in this week and everything turned white, pure, pristine. The hoarfrost coated the tree branches with crystals every morning. A unique design, changing every day.

It was quiet, peaceful, gentle because most animals were staying inside their homes. Cars were muffled as the snow absorbs road noises.

Life continued all around, but at my house, at the end of our dead-end road, everything stopped for a while.

Brought on by winter.

I’m used to this. It happens every year.

But there was something new in the storm. A few days ago I looked outside and saw silver glitter floating down through the sky. It wasn’t rain, it wasn’t snow, it wasn’t even freezing rain, it was God’s glitter.

Temperatures were so low that any moisture left in the air was freezing. The sun was shining across a fresh blanket of snow and reflecting back into the sky. Those reflections were bouncing off newly formed crystals, giving the illusion of glitter.

It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I stood there staring out my back window mesmerized by the site. It is one of those things I’ll never forget and will watch for next time on a cold day.

And in that moment, I was reminded at the wonders and beauty God gave us. He could have made the world boring, the same thing day after day, but He didn’t. Instead he paints a fresh picture each morning, ever changing the landscape, even if it is just so subtle, and occasionally he throws in a surprise–and makes conditions perfect so it rains glitter.





Now it is your turn!

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Let’s celebrate why our lives are fulfilled!!!!


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