Blue Blessings

kikatani / Pixabay

Yesterday I walked an errand. It could have been done today but I thought since the weather was sunny and relatively nice I’d get it done. So I bundled up and headed out the front door in 23 degrees.

The walk was very nice. It was sunny and very warm in my coat. I left the girls at home so I could walk at my pace and not worry about them slipping on the ice.

Oh, the ice, did I mention that we got a total of about 10 inches of snow late last week? And that it was -1 yesterday morning when I got up?

Yeah, the ice isn’t going anywhere.

Thankfully I live in a small town with very few cars on the road. The road is full of dry ruts. I was able to walk most of the way in the middle of the road without having to worry about getting out of the way of cars.

By the time I got onto Main Street, the businesses had done their part and cleared the sidewalks. It was a nice and easy walk.

When I got to the business, I waited my turn, took care of what I needed and zipped up my coat to head home. As I was walking out the door, the woman asked, “Does your family like blueberries?”

Um, yeah.

And she hands me a case of blue blessings.

Not small packages, but a box with 30 lbs of blueberries!

I was surprised. I was thrilled. I was excited to get home and tell the girls about it.

Knowing I had to walk, I said a big thanks and started on my way.

30 pounds is nothing, right?

I was only 1/4 mile away from home. Not too far.

In the ice….oh the ice.

I was not about to turn down the little blue blessing so I set out.

The first half the walk wasn’t too bad. Clear sidewalks and I was working fresh. 30 pounds didn’t seem so heavy and I was in the sun.

Then I hit my neighborhood. The clouds and shade from the trees started to shadow across the road. I stopped to put on my hood. That was a mistake.

My arms felt relief.

Before then, they didn’t know they were working, simply carrying a box home. After my stop, they realized what 30 pounds felt like.

Another 1/8 of a mile and I had to stop for a break. My arms were shaking and my fingers were numb. I didn’t bring gloves because I was planning on doing the walk with my hands in my pockets. I couldn’t feel the box anymore.

I allowed myself 30 seconds to warm up and grabbed the box and started out again. My house was literally 10 houses and around the corner. I was so close.

Then I hit the ice patch…oh the ice.

It was a part that hadn’t thawed at all. 10 inches of packed snow makes for a very slick sheet of ice. Then I had inspiration.

I set the box on the sheet of ice and played a little brown box soccer. I’m sure if my neighbors were looking out the windows they were laughing. Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention. I was too focused on kicking my 30 pound brown rectangular soccer ball down the sheet of ice without falling on my rear end.

It gave my arms a good break too.

4 houses later and my ice patch vanished. I was back on dry pavement again.

I picked up my box and with a final burst of energy I made it home.

It wasn’t until I got inside and my blue blessings put in the chest freezer that I started to feel my arms.

They were shaking. Not from being so cold but from lifting something heavy for too long.

As for my fingers, well, they started to hurt. Apparently my Raynaud’s circulatory disease doesn’t take kindly to walking in 25 degrees carrying a box of frozen food.

A few minutes under warm water and the tips of my fingers no longer looked like the frozen blue blessings that I had carried home.

I am so thankful for the gift. My family will thoroughly enjoy them and I’ll make them last for a few months.

Now what to do with them.

Anybody have some good blueberry recipes?




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