Carefree Kids and Fulfilled Fridays 16 Linkup

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My children definitely give me lots of joy. This week was no different.

I watched them play carefree and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having.

They have been spending many hours a day on the trampoline and have mastered some new skills. It isn’t unusual to see one doing a front flip or attempting a hand stand without a worry in the world.

Meanwhile, I watch them through the window and cringe with mom worry. I can just picture one of them landing wrong and breaking an arm or worse. But I refuse to give into my fears and spoil their fun.

And then there was yesterday. The Inventor and I walk to the library every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes Miss Crafty joins us–yesterday she chose to stay home. Our walks have become a special time. We talk about all kinds of random things, often whatever animal or plant happens to be in her sight.

My greatest joy comes from watching her enjoy her surroundings, and simply be a kid. Yesterday she chose to do cartwheels, run backwards, and do handstands on the sidewalk for nearly a block. She didn’t care about what others thought, she didn’t notice the smiles from other adults simply enjoying her happiness, she was lost in her moment.

It makes me realize that sometimes I just need to forget about what others thing and enjoy the moment too. So with a sudden burst of energy I decided to join her. We had a backwards race 1/2 way across the park.

Something funny happened. I didn’t notice anyone around but my giggling daughter. There may have been others watching us, there probably was, but I couldn’t tell you. I was lost in a moment, a moment with my daughter we will cherish together for a long time.

What was the highlight of your week?

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