Sealing Gaps in my Spiritual Life

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I spent the last 2 weeks weatherizing my house. Winter is coming and I want to be ready.

Our windows were not sealed well. My husband and I thought we had faulty windows and there was nothing we could do. We cannot replace them yet. I’m trying to save every penny I can this year so I decided to caulk the edges anyways.

Once I got the inside sealed I noticed a huge difference in heat retention. It instantly made my house several degrees warmer. I realized that there were probably large gaps that vented directly to the outside.

If I had thought of this earlier it would have made sense why the curtains move on the inside when the wind is blowing outside.

On a mission, I purchased some more caulking and took to the outside. I washed off the window frame and began my work on our 7 windows and 2 doors. About half way around I noticed a pattern. There were 1/4 inch gaps on the sides and underneath nearly every window.

We didn’t have faulty windows, we had a case of faulty instillation.

As I worked my way around the house, I was shocked at how leaky our windows have been for the last 9 winters. I had no idea.

Hidden gaps were slowly stealing my heat and allowing the bitter cold to seep in–slowly taking over my house.

It strikes me how similar this can be to my spiritual life. Things are the way they are so I just accept them and keep on living.

Like my windows, the spiritual side of me has hidden gaps.

They are  allowing things to seep in. Temptation slides in and slowly the cold takes over.

As I become accustomed to the cold, I may turn up the heat or throw on another blanket at night but it still surrounds me. Even when I try to block it, the gaps are still there allowing temptation and sin to come in, no matter what I do.

Only when I take a critical look at my life from the inside and do I find them. Sometimes it takes a second eye to find the things I’ve become accustomed to seeing every day.

But once found, it does nothing unless I seal the gaps.

We knew our windows had leaks for years. We saw the curtains blow in the wind, we felt the drafty cold air, there was even once the water came pouring over the top of the window when it was raining.

Yet we did nothing so the leaks continued.

The hard part is putting in the work to stop the leak.

There are three steps to filling my spiritual gaps.


1. Get out my tools

For my windows it was a caulking gun, a ladder, and some caulk. For my soul my tools look different. I grab a friend, say a prayer, and pull out my Bible.

2. Use my tools appropriately.

Tool collection is easy but it does very little unless I use them properly.

Friends are like a caulking gun.

It is the thing that gets me started and helps me complete the job. Friends are there from the beginning to the end. Usually they see the gap before I do. Sometimes they come to me and lovingly point it out.

When I feel like I cannot go on any more, friends give me that extra little push to keep working. They are the tool that makes the job possible. Without friends, the job would be much more difficult and sometimes impossible.

Prayer is like the ladder.

It lifts me up and reminds me to look in high places. Whenever I’m stopping spirtiual leaks, prayer is essential. I spend hours in prayer working through my issues.

But prayer is essential to filling the gaps. Without my ladder, I wouldn’t have been able to see the leaks on the top side of each window. I never would have reached them. But by taking time to place my ladder securely on the ground and looking a few feet higher suddenly I was able to see more clearly and seal everything instead of just three quarters of the problem.

My Bible is like the caulk.

It is what sticks everything together. Unlike caulking my windows, I find using my Bible the hardest part in the process. Prayer is easy. I can do it any time. Friends are always there and they physically remind me if I need help. My Bible sits on the shelf waiting to be picked up, waiting to be used, but I have to make time for it.

This is the main reason my gaps have not been sealed. I don’t take the time to use the glue. I see them, I know they are there, but I don’t seal them because it takes work.

I use YouVersion. It is a wonderful app and website that creates plans for me. I can read on my phone, on my kindle, or from my computer. Gone is the excuse that I don’t have a copy of the Bible, I always have my phone.

That takes out my last excuse of time. It is hard to find time to sit down and read the Bible, but I know I waste at least 5-10 minutes in daily daydreaming. With my phone in hand, I need to start using those 5 minutes to read a few verses.

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How do you seal the gaps in your spiritual life?


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  1. Jenny Jones
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 10:33:13

    Oh great post as we are preparing for winter. This was a vivid analogy. Thanks.



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