9 Signs Mom is Sick

The bug that has been sweeping the nation landed in my house this week. Last weekend the rest of the family was sick. I thought I got lucky because it missed me. I was so wrong. It never fails, as soon as the family gets better, I get sick. Without making you wait any longer, here are

9 Signs that Mom is Sick


1. Here come the paper plates

When I’m sick, I do as little as possible. Paper plates come out of storage so there is one less thing for me to wash.

sick plates


2. At least the clothes are clean

There is a choice, clean laundry or a place to sit.

sick laundry


3. Paper plates don’t save the kitchen

Even with fewer dishes, the kitchen still looks like this:


sick kitchen


 4. Speaking of the kitchen, you mean I have to turn on the burner to cook?

Um, yeah. I guess I have to do that so I don’t serve raw meat. Dinner is going to be late….again.

sick meat


 5. Just because I remember to turn on the burner doesn’t mean I’ll remember I’m cooking.

These eggs were boiling for over 2 hours, until all the water had boiled out of the pan and I started to smell something funny. They were really easy to peel, a little on the rubbery side, and went straight to the trash. Oops!

sick eggs



6. If you can’t find me I may be snuggling with my buddy


sick snuggling



7. Or with my head under a towel steaming some peppermint oil.

sick steaming


8. Or huffing Vapor Rub because it is easier than putting it on.

sick huffing



9. As for the children, I don’t care. Make a mess and play on the computer all day, do whatever you want, just leave me alone.

(I’m glad you’re feeling better, but you really didn’t have to share this time.)

sick dirty



Slowly I’m getting better. I’m sure by next week I’ll be back to my normal self. Perhaps in a few weeks the house will look like I was never sick, just in time to do it all over again.

What are some signs that you are sick?



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