Where are the stories?

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To my faithful readers,

If you have been following Living in Green Grass for more than a couple weeks you know that every Thursday I feature a story of someone else. Real stories about real people. Sometimes they are about overcoming, sometimes they are simple stories about living in contentment.

Regardless the topic, I often find them personally inspiring. I know many of you do too.

To create a story is a process.

First, I contact someone and ask if they are willing to share. Often the person would love to share, sometimes they do not. Either is fine with me as I can understand both positions.

Next comes the interview phase. This can take an hour or two, or several hours spread out over days or weeks. It varies and depends on the story as well as the person and how busy I am.

After the initial interview, I write a rough draft of sorts. I construct the story. Sometimes I write the story during the interview and that helps me know what additional questions to ask.

During the writing process, I often have follow up questions. There is also the boring but necessary editing and formatting process.

In all, it takes several hours to share a story.

But it is all worth it!

I love hearing your stories, learning and being inspired by you, and sharing that with others. It is my favorite part of the blog.

However, this fall has brought a new set of challenges into my personal life that I didn’t fully understand until a few weeks ago.

The girls are getting older, and therefore in more complex classes. While they can work independently on many things, when they need help it takes a lot more of my time. School this year is becoming an 8AM-3PM adventure leaving me precious time during the day to take care of my other responsibilities.

When The Husband found out he was going back to school I made him one commitment:

I will fully manage everything for the next 4 years unless it has to do with my husband’s job or school.

That is taking much more time an energy than I ever fathomed. He has always helped out a lot. Doing little things here an there during the evenings. Now all those little things are my responsibilities on top of what I already to.

I prepared. I cut back on writing the blog 5 days a week. I got rid of many extra commitments including some volunteer work. I planned my days to allow for all the extra duties.

I didn’t prepare enough.

It saddens me to say I simply do not have the time to share your stories on a weekly basis right now.

It breaks my heart because this is my favorite part of Living in Green Grass. It keeps me humble. It keeps it from being all about me. But it simply cannot be right now.

It isn’t all bad!

Thursdays are not going away.

You now get to be a fly on the wall to one more day in my life. I’m nobody big or important. Just an average person like you so I hope you can relate to my stories.

I hope to do everything I was already doing by sharing your stories. I hope to inspire, encourage, and simply let you know that you are not alone in this world.

I promise one thing: As I get more stories, I will share them. They may come only once every month or less, but they will be shared. If you have a desire to share your story, as always, please let me know. I will take the time for you. It may take a little longer than it did before for me to write it, but it will get written.

Some day I hope to bring this feature back, but for now I have to say, “Whatever you have for me God I will do, even if it is not in my own plan.”




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 10:28:26

    It’s not all about you. It’s about your family and what is best for a peaceful environment at home. It’s a huge commitment that you’ve made. Do it well and we’ll enjoy reading about how things are going for you when you get a chance to share them. Blessings on this new time for you all!



    • Crystal
      Sep 18, 2014 @ 07:29:07

      Thank you Heather. I needed that. This entire year has been one of transition, and each time I think things are calming down, something else changes. Sometimes they are little minor things, but it is still change.



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