Why I write

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It is fun to connect, learn from other bloggers, and read a bit about them. I am new to the blogging world and slowly making connections. Last week I was invited by fellow blogger Tania Vaughan to participate in a blog hop.

What is a blog hop you might wonder? A blog hop is a set of questions for someone to answer, then they find other fellow bloggers to pass the questions on to. It is like a chain letter in a virtual environment.

In trying to find my blogging niche I have been personally evaluating these very questions over the past couple months. That is why I am excited to share my answers with you.


Why I write:


1) What am I writing/working on right now?

Right now I’m finishing up a really special story for Thursday’s Share A Story day. It is about a woman named Jamie who persevered and continues to fight for success when her life crumbled beneath her feet. I look forward to sharing that later this week.

I’m always working on finding the next person and next interview for my Thursday stories. I have 5 different ongoing interviews via facebook chat at the moment. Whether any of them ever come to a full story is yet to be seen, but they are still in progress.


2) How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

I want to provide a happy place. I want to write a blog about why life is great and grand, and what makes it that way. It is in the small things and celebrating those.

There are many blogs like this. I feel mine is different for 2 main reasons:

Instead of simply writing about myself, I choose to share my life and stories of other people. I want to create a place where everyone can relate to something. Someone has always been there done that before. I want to bring some of those life experiences together to one central location so they can encourage and inspire everyone.

Second, my blog is different that the average happy blog. Instead of focusing only on the good, I choose to write about the struggles too. Life simply sucks sometimes, it is what I with it when I’m at that point that is the difference. I rely on my faith in God to give me strength during the struggles. I find little things each day that provide moments of happiness and focus on those.

3) Why do I write what I write?

Right before I started Living in Green Grass my family was going through some trials. My husband and I had prayed for a long time and we felt God was leading him into a different career. We didn’t know what that career was, but we knew it wasn’t the one he was currently in.

Because of the nature of his job, I couldn’t share with many of my friends about the struggles. Many of them were loosely connected to my husband’s former employer, and we didn’t want the news accidentally getting out before we were ready for the change.

I felt isolated, I felt alone, I turned to the internet for anynomous support.

What I found surprised me. I found lots of “happy” blogs but I couldn’t relate to them. I felt like all they focused on was happy unrealistic stories. They were the extremes: brave children fighting extreme illnesses,  people overcoming grave tragedies, heroes doing things I’ll never do. I had a hard time finding real stories about average people that I could relate to.

I found lots of blogs I could relate to. Lots of people write about how their life sucks and what is bad. But I didn’t want to dwell there. I wanted a balance. I wanted to be able to relate to the experience but I needed to be inspired. I wanted to know it was going to be okay and I could make it through this because somebody before me had.

That is why my blog is different. I blend the two experiences. I acknowledge and embrace the bad that occurs in ever day life, but I also want to encourage people and let them know that others have made it through something similar before you.

4) How does my writing process work?

My writing process is fairly straight forward. If an interview is involved I talk to the person over chat. As I’m talking to them, I’m formulating the story in my mind. If it is a personal story, I generally wash a sink full of dishes and think about what I’m going to write.

Then I sit down and start typing. My family must think I’m crazy because I talk as I write. I read it all out loud, edits included.

After I get a draft written, I walk away for a bit. I take a break before coming back to edit the post. Once it is edited I add pictures, adjust the layout, schedule it, and my post is ready to go.


I’m passing this blog hop on to Heather.

Check out Heather’s blog and see what she says next week. Her blog is always interesting and a little bit of everything.


HeatherHeather is a child of God and an heir of the kingdom. She has said, “I will never,” more often than anyone should. “I will never marry a pastor.” “I could never be a homeschooling mom.” “I am not having any more children.”…all direct quotes, and all opportunities that God seized in order to mess with her and shower her with unexpected gifts too numerous to count.

In spite of all of life’s unexpected twists and turns, and perhaps because of them, she is in constant awe of how God works within His community of believers. She is humbled by the fact that she is part of His chosen people, (as are you), and more than a little thankful for the grace shown her each day.

She loves chocolate, (probably a little too much), singing loudly in the car, a great cup of flavored coffee, and her friends, (although she doesn’t tlak with them as nearly as often as she should)!

She is the wife of Seth, a man who keeps her grounded in Christ and loves her even when she is a mess, and a mother to five pieces of God’s love made visible. She is in the beginning tages of a year-long writing project that is already making her a big crazy. She can be found daily over at Thee Angel Project.

You can find Heather here:

On her blog: Thee Angel Project



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 11:23:17

    Crystal, thank you for passing the buck, no pressure, no…fun, yes, fun, onto me!
    I wonder what my family would think if I read out loud. They probably wouldn’t even notice anything strange.
    Looking forward to trying to craft answers to these very thoughtful questions!



  2. Tania Vaughan
    Aug 10, 2014 @ 15:52:31

    Crystal I really enjoyed reading this. I love and recommended your blog exactly because it is full of real everyday stories for even the most average of us in need of encouragement. Thanks for hopping xx



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