Sue’s Solution


Sue was living a broken life and everything was coming apart.

She had one daughter when she became pregnant with baby number 2. It was a completely normal and healthy pregnancy until she went into labor at 23 weeks. Sadly, Austin passed away after only 23 minutes.

Upset and depressed, Sue turned to food.

Sue’s next pregnancy was not any happier. She lost “baby dot” at 6 weeks gestation.

Around Thanksgiving of 2006, Sue became pregnant again. To stay pregnant, she had weekly injections and some steroid injections. I have lived in fear through a tough pregnancy and I cannot imagine the terror Sue must have felt.

“I basically spent the entire time thinking I would be burying another child because I had already lost two….I flashed back to Austin’s little white casket frequently in my mind.”

Thankfully, Hunter came into this world–a little early–and survived! After 2 weeks in the NICU, Hunter was able to come home and join his family.

Some people dream of the NASCAR life, it was Sue’s reality.

Sue’s husband worked as an over the wall pit crew tire carrier.  Imagine the weekly races and traveling all over the nation. Winning big prize money and corporate sponsors to make you rich and pay all the bills.

That was not Sue’s NASCAR life. Her husband traveled from February to November every year. She was trying to take care of an infant as a virtual single mom. It caused a lot of problems within her marriage.

Sue continued to eat.

Unless you’re a top name driver, NASCAR doesn’t pay a lot. There were times when they sold personal items just to pay the bills.

“We were a month away from losing my only source of income (and knowing we cold not make ends meet just on what he made even with the help of the government systems – you know the catch 22 you don’t make enough to live but make too much to get help) so I was depressed and upset to say the least. “

Her marriage was broken. Her finances were in ruin.


Sue’s health was in decline.

She is what some would classify an emotional eater. Emotional eating is something that is complex and hard to explain. Sue explains it this way:

“Some people hit things, some people cry, some people eat. I was (and still am to some extent) an eater when I am down.”

The pounds piled on.

“I was obese, had daily migraines, was exhausted and napping every day by noon, and had heartburn every night. I popped Tylenol and Tums like they were candy.

I was a mess.”

Tired and needing to sit, Sue was scanning through facebook when she came across a post about a product that could give you energy. After trying countless other weight loss programs and even a personal trainer, Sue had not yet given up hope.

Another thing caught her eye. It was with a work at home company. A potential job. Sue started investigating.

She tried the product. She noticed a difference within herself. She began doing direct sales with the company and sharing her story. Others were interested as well. Within 2 months the income was more than that of a previous direct sales company and her unemployment.


This was the solution Sue was looking for.

“So far in my journey I am down in the around 30 pounds on the scale, I have lost almost 40 inches off my body, I have not had one single migraines since May 2013. I no longer take naps and feel tired, I have no heartburn or reflux.”

In the fall of 2013 her husband decided to retire from NASCAR. He now stays close to home, working on producing and co-hosting television shows. Hunter is enrolled in an online charter school so when he does have to travel, the family can go with him.

Sue chose to do something about her problem. When she was at the bottom, she could have allowed herself to stay there and continue down the road of poor health choices and financial ruin.

Instead she took a chance. A chance after seeing a facebook post, and her life is much better because of it.

The best part? Today I am able to influence thousands of lives – in both health and wealth. I am living proof that anyone can change their family’s future and live the life of their dreams. Follow me and my family on our journey to health and financial freedom ~ the good, the bad, the fat and the ugly… NO HOLDS BARRED!


Want to follow Sue’s journey? She blogs and shares her story at Slender Suzie. I highly encourage you check it out. All pictures were used with permission.





Every Thursday I share stories from people like you. Perhaps you have a story of overcoming something like Sue. Or maybe your story is one of contentment, happiness, success or surviving through tragedy. Regardless, I believe everyone has a story–and everyone’s story is worthy of being shared. If you would like to share your story, please contact me here or by clicking on the “share a story” tab above.

I keep it real simple. I’ve found it works best to have a short facebook or email chat–this is not a homework assignment or work project. It is a friendly conversation so I can learn your story and share it with others.


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa notes...
    Jul 31, 2014 @ 08:59:42

    I appreciate hearing Sue’s story. It’s always inspiring to see how people CAN change, and for the better.



  2. Heather
    Jul 31, 2014 @ 10:53:16

    What a joy it is to hear of a marriage and a family maintained through difficult times! So happy for Sue and her family!



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