Finishing a Dream–20 years later

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20 years ago Melody was your typical college student attending Southeastern University in Florida and studying education. She was going to make a difference and affect others for a lifetime.

Then she got homesick. She got so homesick that after a year and a half she decided to leave Southeastern University and move back to Michigan. She wasn’t giving up on the dream though.

She started working several part time jobs and took classes at the local community college.

One night after church, she invited a friend to go out to eat. That friend could go after she took Jamie to the grocery store. Jamie’s car was broken down and needed a ride. Melody reluctantly agreed.

One trip to the grocery store, dinner, and a walk turned into hanging out with friends together. Melody and Jamie’s friendship grew. She was interested in him but never thought it would go anywhere so she didn’t give it much thought.

A couple weeks later, Jamie asked Melody out.

“We were inseparable after that. We bonded quickly and knew were were meant to be together. We got engaged after only 4 months and married a year later!”

Melody had found a new dream. To be the best wife she could to Jamie.

She continued to take classes for about a year. Then they moved after they both took jobs at a factory. They grew their family adding 2 boys. Melody quit her job at the factory and opened an in-home licensed daycare.

Time went on, Melody’s dream of becoming an elementary teacher was lost. She found a more powerful dream–to be a wife and mother.

It drove her and she loved every single moment of it. Jamie encouraged her to go back to school every now and then, but Melody had no desire. She was happy doing what she did.

Change was on its way.

A few years ago Jamie began working at the daycare too.

Now, all of their income comes from this business. When the daycare is full, their income is great but when they lose kids, it impacts their family tremendously. Recently, things have been slow.

Melody devotes tons of energy to these children every day and it is in her house. She doesn’t have a place to get away from work. There are guests in her home–every single day.

Melody’s oldest son graduated from high school this spring. Her youngest son is starting 8th grade. They are starting to evaluate what happens in their next stage in their life and how to find income that is more stable.

Melody started to dream again.

Her long neglected dream of becoming an Elementary teacher began to grow. She began to think about the future and what it would look like when both her sons were out of the house.

After prayer and thought, Melody allowed her dream to grow. She searched several online schools and found the ideal one for her. Western Governor’s University allows her to attend classes on her schedule.

She can balance life, family, work, hobbies, and school. If she chooses, there is even an option to accelerate her degree and graduate early.

Unfortunately, it has been so long since she was in school that only 35 of her credits transferred. Her current projected graduation date is in May 2018. It seems like a long way off.

School doesn’t always come easy to Melody. She has just started but already been reminded why she was happy to ‘be just a mom’ for so many years. But through the struggles, she keeps an eye on her long forgotten dream.

And dream she does.

Melody dreams of a day when she can go to work each day and make a difference in the lives of children. She wants to make learning fun and interesting. She wants to be the teacher that kids are excited to see outside of the school building.

She looks forward to the day that her house belongs to just her family, and doesn’t also belong to the business.

melody dreams to be an example


Melody is such an inspiration. Going to college is so much easier when you’re not trying to balance family, a career, hobbies, and other things life throws your way. However, sometimes those things are blessings themselves.

Melody is a living example to her children. As parents, we often tell our children to finish what they start. Melody is doing that. They see her struggle with her classes and see that she refuses to give up.

Melody’s life is changing, but in a way she is doing what she has always done. She’s living out her one true dream:

To be the best wife and mom that she can be.




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12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Renee@Doorkeeper
    Jul 22, 2014 @ 08:07:32

    Thanks for inspiring us by sharing Melody’s story & for taking time to visit me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!



  2. normaleverydaylifeblog
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 07:46:41

    My mom and my husband both went back to school as adults and it’s not an easy process. Such a great accomplishment when it’s done though! Thanks for linking up to Motivational Monday!



    • Crystal
      Jul 23, 2014 @ 10:56:46

      You’re welcome. Melody’s story was a huge encouragement to me personally as my husband is starting back to school in just a couple months. It is nice to know we are not alone.

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for hosting the link-up.



  3. Chris
    Jul 23, 2014 @ 08:10:42

    Thanks for linking up at I think it is most important for a mother to put God, and her home and family before anything else. I enjoyed this post.
    God bless,



  4. Donna Reidland
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 15:51:44

    What a great story! Thanks for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival. Donna



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