Providing Magic in the Party

In 2008 Karrinne was a stay at home mom looking for creative solutions to supplement their income. She was trying to find the perfect balance, allowing her to stay at home during the week and work on the weekends when her husband was home.

After countless hours of planning and dreaming, Karrinne thought she had it figured out. She would open a mobile entertainment business. She had done it before as an Event Coordinator for the local Rescue mission, now she would do it on a different scale and take magic people’s homes.

Karrinne had a dream. She wanted to be a fairy godmother and bring a princess dress up and tea parties to girls on their special day. Her hope was to bring a variety of themed parties to little boys and girls. She wanted to bring the fun.

In January of 2009, Tea in Tiaras was born.

magic of tea in tiaras

That first year Karrinne learned a lot. She learned some ins and outs of starting a business. She learned some tricks and ways to make her parties better. Most importantly of all, Karrinne stayed focused on the business. She realized that not everyone would want a fairy godmother, they may want a princess or a superhero to host their party instead.

Not to be discouraged, Karrinne found others who wanted to create magic too. They joined her team as independent contractors and together they labored to make Tea in Tiaras grow.

Fairy Godmother

And grow they did. In that first year Karrinne planned 30 parties. She found dresses for girls of all ages and sizes so they too could feel like a princess. She gathered decorations of all kinds so she would be prepared for whatever came her way. She did free events and found ways to creatively market her business.

Over the years she has provided magic for many different occasions. She has been there during some of life’s most memorable events. She has created those memories for children and adults alike.

She brings happiness and joy to children during the good times and bad. She as thrown a party at her local hospital for a child dying of cancer. That child passed on a few weeks later. Karrinne would like think that they made a difference in her life, giving her joy during her final days.

As Tea in Tiaras grew, so did the responsibilities. Karrinne found herself networking with more and more people. She added princesses, pirates, and many other characters to her team. She increased her services and what they offered.

She learned to face paint by watching YouTube videos and practicing many hours. By doing what she loved, she spread magic and joy throughout her region.

Tea and Tiaras now serves hundreds of clients and does about 150 gigs a year. She has entertained people of all different backgrounds. From your average family, to Hollywood stars, Tea and Tiaras has provided magic and joy.

Not every day is magical for Karrinne.


princesses bring magic

There are some days when she wants to quit. There are days when clients are unhappy because they had expectations that Karrinne was unaware of. There are days when she looks at her profit margin after taxes and other expenses and wonders if it is all worth it.

There are days when she sees the stress and toll that it is taking on her family. Being away from her husband and children on the weekends is not always easy.

But Karrinne refuses to give up.

“I have worked very hard to build this business and my reputation up. I love what I do. I love providing a forum for artists. I love bringing joy to children. And I DO bring in an income that allows our family to now enjoy life more. I also have a lot of flexibility with my schedule to be there for the kids when needed.”


Karrinne spreads magic and joy.

She finds her joy when a child’s face lights up.

She finds her joy knowing she gives her performers a platform to do what they love and make money at it.

She finds her joy in the arts. Whether through crafting, making favors, decorating, face painting, costuming or anything else her job demands.

She finds her joy in providing entertainment so parents can enjoy special moments with their children and other guests.

She finds her joy in providing and creating magic.


Tea in Tiaras is a mobile children’s entertainment business in Central and Southern California, the Phoenix Arizona area, and soon in Sacramento, California. They can provide costumes, accessories, party favors, decorations, party planning, makeovers, nail painting, obstacle courses, crafts and fun activities!

They offer Costumed Characters and specialize in Princess Parties, Tea Parties, Fairy Parties, Glamour Girl Parties, Rock Star Parties, Pajama Spa Parties, Super Hero Parties and Jedi Knight Parties. They also offer Face Painting, Magic Shows, Balloon Twisting, Skin Jewelry, Glitter Tattoos and Singing Telegrams!

If you are interested in Tea in Tiaras, please check out their facebook page or website.




Every Thursday I share someone’s story. Karrinne created her own happiness and contentment, her own patch of Green Grass. She needed to find a way to supplement her family’s income and founded a business doing what she loves. That is why she is Living in Green Grass. If you know of someone who also Lives in Green Grass, please contact me using the “Green Grass Award” tab above or by clicking here.


All photos used by permission courtesy of Tea in Tiaras.


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