Simple Things Volume 8

This week was a good week full of lots of ups and very few downs. The weather was wonderful, not too hot but not too cold so the girls and I were able to get out for a couple walks.

Here are 4 things that made my week a little better.




Beautiful views: It was a gorgeous day yesterday and on our walk we enjoyed many beautiful views like this. We saw butterflies, a herring, and Miss Crafty saw the otter swimming into his dam.



You’re never too old to pick up a handful of rocks to throw into the river.



Fresh Rolls: Baking is always and adventure for me. Sometimes new recipes work, sometimes they are worthy of the trash. These fresh rolls were a huge hit. I tested them for lunch one day this week then made 2 more pans for dinner. The dough was perfect and with a slight modification became the base for our pizza a couple nights ago. It makes my week when a recipe turns out so well.



Essential Oils: I have been reading and researching about essential oils for a few months. I have been thinking of adding them to our medicine cabinet. This week I finally purchased the first few jars to begin our kit. The husband developed Tennis Elbow. Being uninsured, we didn’t want to go to the doctor. I spent less on these oils than one visit to the doctor. Now to hope they help….



Those were four amateur cell phone pictures that highlighted my week. What were some things that made your week a little brighter?




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