Simple Things Volume 6

This week was full of lots of smiles, experiments, and new experiences. Here are some of the simple things that brightened my week.



This is my grass. My real front lawn. It isn’t the prettiest, it is full of weeds, and half dead because I forgot to water it, but it is mine. For the first time in 5 years I felt healthy enough to mow this week. For the first time since we moved here it didn’t make me sick the next day. It was a big accomplishment. I am so thankful my neighbors mow it when The Husband is busy. Now I can return the favor.





This is my parent’s cat Emily. Miss Crafty was getting her some water and left the door open. Emily was all too thrilled to quickly run inside and hide herself under a chair. I could hear her purrs up a flight of stairs. It took us a few minutes to get her back outside.

Miss Crafty and The Inventor went on a trip with my parents and sister last weekend. It makes me smile thinking of the memories made and the time they got to spend with their grandparents.










Those are some things that made my week a little brighter. What are some of yours?




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