Simple Things Volume 5

My body decided to tell me to spend lots of time resting this week and I learned long ago to listen when it says slow down. It didn’t stop me from enjoying some simple blessings this week.



Frogs: The Inventor loves frogs. This is the first one of many that we will discover around our house this year.





The school books are in boxes and ready to be shipped back. Although it is a brief break, I’m thankful to get school books and supplies packed up and out of my sight for a few months.




I don’t drink a lot of coffee so when I need that extra kick, tea gets me through the day. I drank A LOT of cups this week.




I have a black thumb so having a plant thrive is a simple joy to me. The fact that this plant is fresh chocolate mint and came back this year makes me thrilled. I enjoy leaves off it every day.


These are four things that made me smile this week. What were some of yours?




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