Simple Things Volume 4

Two of my simple things this week revolve around food, which is weird because I have have a lot of food issues.



Shrimp: I love shrimp but it is a very rare treat in our house. Last Saturday we were running a lot of errands and it was getting to be lunch time. The Husband and I considered stopping some at Red Robin to eat. The girls could order things that fit their diet, The Husband could get whatever he wanted, and I might have been able to find a dry, nothing on it salad to eat (and then hoped that there was no cross contamination). Instead, he surprised me with a stop at the grocery store, picked up some shrimp and cooked me a late lunch/early dinner.



Pre-cooked dinner: We have had unusually hot weather this week. Every year I’m determined to leave the window AC out until after Memorial Day. This year I WILL make it. So, I pre-cooked our dinner yesterday morning and we had ‘leftovers’. This is the meat & veggie part of ham fried rice.



Mother’s Day: I know I’ve said it before, I love homemade things from my girls. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. The girls told me to stay in my room until they came and got me. This is what I found….handmade cards and gifts, and a sign spelled out in pipe cleaners. It was one of their best gifts to date!



Knowledge: I’ve been wanting to learn about essential oils and their uses for a long time. The Husband came across this book several years ago and it has been sitting in the garage collecting dust. This week I got it out and I’m beginning my journey.


Those are four of the many things that brightened my week. What were some of yours?




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