When God closes a door….

There is an old saying that always begins the same but ends a couple different ways:

When God closes a door….

…He opens another.

…He opens a window.


Regardless of how it ends, I feel like doors can change and morph as you walk through different situations. It doesn’t have to be the same, and you don’t have to go through all the doors. You may skip a door, stay on a door for a while or never leave.

New door

The new door:

Last January The Husband and I looked at many different possibilities. We knew things were going to change, we just didn’t know how. One thing we discussed was moving to his hometown. He has lots of extended family there and the girls would grow up with countless cousins. Where we live now, there isn’t much family around–just my sister and my parents–so it would be a huge difference.

We had a new goal and one we were excited for. All we had to do was sell the house. When we bought our house nearly 9 years ago, it was a fixer-upper. While we have done some work, we knew we would have a hard time selling it for the balance of the mortgage if we had to pay a Realtor. We began planning, quietly talked to some people, and prayed that God would open this door.


marclou / Pixabay

The open door:

God opened the door. A couple weeks after The Husband and I began praying, someone mentioned to him that they were looking for fixer-upper in our town. We hadn’t approached them, it came up. The Husband gave him our conditions and asking price. He said that he would talk to his wife and get back to us.


far away door

The far away door:

We prayed and waited, and waited. The Husband ran into this man another time. You know how it is obvious that someone is avoiding you? That is exactly what The Husband experienced. We had this dream of selling the house, shortly after we started praying it seemed God was answering our prayer, and then things stalled. We wouldn’t hear back from this man for about 3 months.


double door


The double door:

We were left with a choice. Continue to pursue and wait for this person who seemed interested in our house, or look at other options. We chose to look at other options.

When faced with a double door it isn’t always easy. Our choice at this time was to look for other people or take this as God closing the door. We hadn’t fully investigated selling the house so we chose to keep looking. We talked to a couple landlords in our area and asked if they’d be interested.



The fun door:

As we talked to the landlords, I began to dream. I started packing up things in the house that we didn’t use very often. I organized and decluttered. I accelerated the girls’ curriculum plan so we would be done by the end of April and ready to move by the first week of May. We talked to the girls and got them excited about moving and living closer to family. We all lived in a fantasy world of dreams and possibilities. It was fun dreaming of what was to come.



The mysterious door:

One of the landlords got back to us quickly. The other one said he would drive by the house and let us know if he was interested within the next week. We waited, one week turned into two. We waited some more. After a couple weeks, The Husband called and left a message. We just wanted a yes or no. We never heard back.

It was all a mystery. It seemed God was leading us down this road. We had lead, after lead, after lead. Each time it turned into a dead end. I was so confused. To sell or not to sell. The Husband and I picked an end date. With him switching jobs, we needed to have a house sale in progress by a certain time or we were not moving.



The door that needs work

It is tiring being in limbo and a state of whatever. I wanted to move, I dreamed of moving, but it seemed like it would never happen. We would head down the road of possibility because someone else was interested, only to see that fall through. All this emotional energy was being spent. Ups and downs seemed to come on a whim.

I did everything I could to prepare the house for a sale with minimal cost. We purchased flooring to replace some old carpet. It hasn’t been put in yet, but my dream pergo flooring is sitting in boxes waiting to be installed. I patched holes and washed down walls. I kept the house cleaner than I ever have. I worked on the physical appearance of the house and The Husband worked to find new leads.

God doesn’t always give handouts. He wants you to work toward your goals and dreams. Just because you struggle, does not mean that God is closing that door.



The peephole:

Our door did appear to be closing though. Every last lead seemed exhausted. Our sell by date was rapidly approaching. We began to feel like this avenue was over.

But at the same time, God often works wonders at the last minute. I had a glimmer of hope and held on to that dream. I was hopeful that things would work out and we would still move. I continued to pack and organize. I figured if we didn’t move, I would at least get a uncluttered house in the process.



The door with scratches:

Three days before our end date, the person who originally was interested in the house asked The Husband if they could view it. We explained our cut off date. We could not wait a week for them to come see it. This was a Wednesday. They had to see it and make an offer by Friday or we could not sell. Harsh? Maybe. But these people had known for months.

They contacted The Husband about an hour later and asked if they could come by that evening. I cleaned, I worked, I scratched at the door. Perhaps this was God’s answer. It was our last hope and chance to sell the house. We scratched and clawed to re-open the door. I was all to happy to dream again and hope that the house would sell.

As the afternoon progressed, The Husband and I talked and prayed. Something came to me. We had a couple new conditions for me to feel comfortable with the sale. We needed the buyers to be pre-approved for a mortgage before we would accept their offer. It is a long process trying to buy and sell houses. We were trying to do it in a minimal amount of time. The Husband had already turned in his notice at work. That day was looming. I didn’t want to wait for a month or more, only to find out that the people who wanted to buy our house couldn’t obtain a loan.



The closed door:

The Husband left a message for the potential buyers informing them of our new condition. There was no sense in everyone’s time being wasted if they could not meet this condition. As I left to take the girls to their Wednesday night church group, we still had not heard from the buyers. We assumed they could meet our condition and would be coming over within an hour to view the house. I was anxious, nervous, and in prayer on the drive to church.

The Husband called me about 30 minutes later. They hadn’t begun the mortgage process. This door was shut. We had no other leads and Friday was too soon. We were not moving. I was disappointed. I had dreamed and even begun packing my house up in faith that we would be moving soon. I had planned. I had been wrong.

My One Word this year is Whatever and this was definitely a big whatever moment. I had to accept God’s whatever. He was not done with us in our small town. I didn’t understand why, but for some reason, we are to stay here. My door was battered, my door was beaten, but this door was closed…..or was it?



The revolving door:

There is one door left. I don’t recommend taking this door but the funny thing is, you don’t realize it is a revolving door until it is too late. Friday was our deadline for starting the process to sell the house. The Husband and I felt very strongly about this. We closed the door on Wednesday. Friday at about 1, The Husband was talking to someone he has known for a few years. They don’t see each other often, but occasionally ran into each other through work.

While talking, this other man mentioned that he owns a rental management company on the side. He buys houses, fixes them up, and turns them into rentals. The Husband joked and said, “Do you want to buy my house?” One thing turned into another and the conversation got serious. This man was definitely interested in our house. It was the strongest lead we had seen. He had a current offer on a different house, but preferred our house instead. He said he would ask his Realtor if he could get out of the current offer. If so, he would buy our house from us.

Could this be God’s answer to prayer? We stepped through that door. It was a last minute door. I began dreaming again. I kept cleaning and organizing. I started making plans. I was once again at the fun door.

Funny thing about revolving doors….you end up right back where you started. Four days later we found out that this man couldn’t get out of his current offer, it had progressed too far. I’m not upset we took the revolving door. It was a roller coaster of a weekend, but now I know with absolute certainty, this door is shut.


What now?

I had a choice to make. I could keep dreaming of a move that may or may not ever happen, or I could accept the whatever God laid before me. I had to accept that God closed that door. The dream of moving is done. Because of The Husband’s current job, there is no way we will move anytime soon. We are here and we are rooted. The wonderful thing about acceptance is that there is a peace that quickly comes.

I’m currently in a room with no doors and windows. There is no way out, no avenue, I’m stuck in this house. That is not the end though. I have a house to decorate, a patch of grass to water and fertilize.

I’m stuck in a physical house because we are not moving, but if you think of other situations, perhaps your door closed and you’re just stuck in a place that you never imagined yourself to be. God may build a door or a window for you eventually, but what now?

Choose to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the peace of knowing where you are and what is going on. Look up and find a skylight that lets the beauty of the sun in. Water your patch of grass around you, plant some flowers and watch them grown, paint your walls a color you always wanted but been too afraid to pick, brighten up the place and make it your own. You’re going to be here for a little while so you might as well enjoy it.

The Husband and I would love to move some day and maybe God will open up that door. That may happen in 10 years, maybe not until he retires, maybe never. I’ll be ready, and when He does open that door it will be perfect, but until then, I’m going to enjoy this patch of grass.




In today’s patch of grass:

Standing in contentment in green grass

LoggaWiggler / Pixabay

  • I had forgotten what a normal week was like without changes, chaos, stress, or the fear of what was to come. It has been an amazing few days just living.
  • I’m planning out my next crocheted carpet. As the girls wind down school for the summer, I love the idea of having a little time each day to crochet or read.




Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I choose one word to focus on each year. This year my word is Whatever. On Wednesday’s I blog and journal about how whatever is impacting my life. By being open to living wherever, I allowed God to decide what He wants to do with me….for the rest of this year and beyond. He directed my whatever (and I took my family along for the ride). It is never too late to pick a word. If you’re interested, check it out at My One Word and let me know what you choose in  the comments!


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