Simple things volume 3

Every week I take pictures of four things that made it great. Here are some things that made my week awesome!




Reading outside…because sometimes it makes a book better even when it is cold and windy.


Blanket forts…no explanation needed.




Green Grass…yes, I have little reminders about contentment. This travels throughout my house. Sometimes it is in my kitchen, sometimes its on my desk.



New shirts…I got 3 of them this week. I can’t explain what it is like to lose a lot of weight but still have to wear your old baggy clothes. It feels good to finally have 3 shirts that fit me right. I’ll slowly work on the rest of my wardrobe.




Even in a bad weeks, try to find things that you can smile about. I challenge you to join me this next week and then come back and share on Friday the simple things that made your week good. If you have some from this week, leave me a comment! Let’s celebrate together.




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