Learning Generosity from the Kids

Last weekend I learned so much about generosity from my children. It was a great day outside and Miss Crafty and The Inventor were busy playing with the neighborhood kids. This is not an unusual activity. There are 8 kids spread between 3 houses on our little dead in street.

They were all outside playing, running into their own houses every now and then to get this toy or a drink of water, all usual kid activities. About half way through the morning, they took out some notebook paper. One thing turned into another and they were drawing pictures and making plans to sell them.

fundraising picture

One of the older neighbor girls went to the store and got some bright neon signs while the rest busily drew. These were not high quality pictures, but they were having fun. I figured they might make a few dollars off the neighbors, but that would be it.

As they drew, they discussed and decided to give their earnings away. They wanted to split them between a domestic violence shelter and a local cancer hospital.

Here I am sitting in my house worried about our finances and job situation, and my children are out selling hand drawn pictures on notebook paper for those in worse situations than us.

We are not in a busy neighborhood by far, but being kids they knew they could make a difference! They stood out there for about 6 hours yelling at ever car that drove by. It does help that there was a yard sale around the corner so traffic was higher than normal.

Many generous people drove by that day. I have no idea how many quickly drawn pictures on notebook paper they sold, they didn’t keep count but I do know they came home highly encouraged.

At the end of the day they raised just over $50.

Not much by any adult standpoint, but the smiles on those girls faces said it all. They had made a difference.

Today’s green grass award goes to the kids in my neighborhood. They used what they had, got creative, and did what they could. Those pictures were not masterpieces, and some have probably already found the trash, but I would be willing to bet that most people who bought those pictures left with a smile. They spread joy and gave others hope.

I spent every last bit of change I had in my purse on 2 pictures too, and yes, I walked away from that corner with a smile and a little bit of hope.

I’m always looking for people who live in Green Grass–being content with life, no matter the circumstances. The kids in my neighborhood shared their Green Grass by doing what they could to help others. If you know of someone who deserves a Green Grass Award,  let me know using the contact form under the Green Grass Awards tab or by clicking here.


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