Cashier Dos and Don’ts

The service industry is often overlooked. Many times they do things for us, but they never get thanked. Often times they are treated like non-people, ignored and left to do things for you. They are taken for granted.

This can be changed. It is really quite simple.

One of the things about Living in Green Grass is sharing love and happiness. It is the simple things that can make your day go better and improve the days of those around you. You don’t know what kind of day the cashier has had, and yes, you only have a few minutes of interaction, but your attitude can make or break their day.

Grumpy Cashier


  1. Let your kids pick at every little thing as you are waiting in line. They touch everything and disorganize it. The cashier then has to take time to reorganize it all when there is a 30 second break between customers.
  2. Dig for change at the bottom of your purse. My husband told me this one. Sometimes a cashier’s performance is based on how fast they check out a customer–regardless the size of the order. When you’re busy digging for your money, it counts against them.
  3. Take out your bad day on the cashier. Everyone has a bad day, and you don’t have to be super chatty each time you go through the lane, but don’t be rude–it is uncalled for.
  4. Talk on your phone. This should be self explanatory. And while I’m on the subject, don’t text or look up things on your smart phone.
  5. Ignore your cashier. Imagine standing there and having people treat you as a wall all day.



  1. Control your children. If they want to look at something, that is fine, but they don’t need to touch is unless you’re buying it.
  2. Have your money ready when you reach the front of the line. If you’re paying by cash, have your wallet out. If you’re paying by card, have it ready. Remember #2 on the don’ts?
  3. Smile. Great your cashier and participate in small talk. If you couldn’t find something, let them politely know. Ask them where it may be.
  4. Have all your coupons and money saving apps ready. There are some awesome money saving apps out there. I use a couple of them. I always try to have them pulled up and ready.
  5. Use their name at least once. They wear a name tag for a reason.


Cashiers are people. They are there to do a job and to help you. Without them you’d be stuck in the self check out lane…and when you screw up, you still need a cashier to solve your mistake.


It is all about the little things….



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracey
    May 06, 2014 @ 08:46:49

    Thanks – and….

    1. Yes we are timed, and that rating can and will be used against us in our reviews.

    2. Don’t set your child on my belt. Think of the next persons food please.

    3. Don’t set your child on my card reader area.

    4. Don’t let your child play with the pen – they break, then you take it out on me when it didn’t work.

    5. Don’t give me crap when I ask for your drivers license for an alcohol purchase. Yes I know you are old enough, but we HAVE to card everyone… and i’m not going to let YOU be the reason I get fired for not doing it.

    6. If you are asked your birthday instead of an ID for anything, don’t get snotty and give one that is to young. I’m honestly NOT doing math while I work – remember, i’m being TIMED, i will enter it… and your whole transaction will have to be voided to start over. Cute huh????

    7. Do not put YOUR bags on the belt at the END of your stuff. Give them to me first please… because, unloaded mine into yours while you complain isn’t very fun.

    8. Please stop asking me if it is safe to use your card now. Because, it was safe the day the issue was announced to the public.

    9. Oh and please do not put your coupons on the items on the belt. I have to do coupons at the end – stacking up them and finding a spot to put them in while I finish is not fun!



    • Crystal
      May 06, 2014 @ 10:21:31

      Thanks for adding to the list Tracey. I appreciate the extra insight. You do a very thankless and under-appreciated job, yet something none of us can live without. Do you have any tips that would make your day easier, maybe some Do’s to add to the list?



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