Music for my Soul

Today’s blog is a little less typing and more sharing of my soul.

When I’m stressed or having a hard time, music relaxes me–it always has. These past few months haven’t been easy on me and there are few songs that I’ve latched on to that have gotten me through.

My comfort comes from God and my faith, and the songs that have been soothing me are all related to that. God gives me strong roots to get through anything and He helps me when all else fails.

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective

This is a fun song. It not only reminds me to trust God to lead me, but it also reminds me that God knows, He will watch out for me, and He will make it okay in the end. When that end comes, well only God knows…it may not be until I make it to Heaven…but there is an end.


We Believe by the Newsboys

When my faith is rocked and when I begin to doubt, it is helps me to take a step back and remember what I believe, what my foundation is built on.


Overcomer by Mandisa

A friend sent this song to me, and it was so encouraging. It was one of those days when everything overwhelmed me and I just felt like I was at my end. I’ve heard it many times but it came at just the right moment, when I needed to be reminded to keep hanging on. This has become my theme song through these past few weeks. It is getting me through, and to that friend, I say thank you.


There are other songs, but these ones have become the ones that I’ve hung on to. They are getting me through, and I know in the end, I will overcome and be smiling on the other side!

What are some songs that help you when things aren’t going just right?




In today’s grass:

Standing in contentment in green grass

LoggaWiggler / Pixabay

  • The Husband had an interview at the end of last week! We’re just praying and waiting at this point.
  • We had fantastic weather this weekend. The Husband and I got a little yard work done and enjoyed the rest of our days in peace and quiet because the girls spent most of their days outside with the neighborhood kids.

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