Simple Pleasures Week 3

This week has been a week of ups and downs. Seems like most my weeks are like that right now. Focusing on the simple things get me through and remind me that my grass is truly green.




Breakfast from my girls: Yes, my girls love me and if you’re sick of hearing about it every week then you probably should quit reading my blog. This week they decided to surprise me with breakfast. This is how I found my bacon after my morning shower.




Time with the husband: It has been an extremely stressful few months for our family. I know it isn’t over but we have closed one door and are heading in a new direction. Instead of doing the job search thing yesterday, the husband and I decided to take an easy family day. Our hobby together is to play the online game, World of Warcraft….and that is exactly what we did. It was so refreshing to spend some time together.




DONE! This picture won’t mean much to most people. It is the % completion rate of Miss Crafty’s curriculum. She is enrolled in an online charter school. I implement the public school curriculum in our home under the guidance of a teacher. This year more than most, I have been waiting for the girls to complete their curriculum…and they achieved that Wednesday. (You may notice one line is not yet complete. It is an ungraded elective that she will finish, but it isn’t required. All her core and graded classes are complete.)




Insects: I don’t like creepy crawly things. They may not be as bad as mice, but I still don’t like them. However this time of year I love some insects. It is another sign that the cold winter is over and spring is here to stay.



Those were four simple things that made me smile this week. What were some of yours?




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