Simple Things, Volume 2

I’ve had a long week full of stress. I’m exhausted both mentally and physically and I can’t wait for the weekend. There were some awesome things about my week though. Here are some of the highlights:




Waiting for the hunt to begin.


Scrambling for eggs. I won’t call it a hunt, you didn’t have to look hard.


Their haul.

Last Sunday was Easter. It has become a tradition in our family to attend church on Saturday night. In part because we can avoid the crowds but also so the girls can participate in the Easter Egg Hunt. These pictures don’t do it justice. I heard they spread 35,000 eggs in the field this year. The girls don’t get candy very often so they are always so excited. Every year we allow them to eat as much as they want on Sunday…and then we are reminded why they don’t get candy very often.



Cubbie holes and hiding places: The Inventor loves hiding places. She’ll cram herself into the smallest spots and say they are cozy. I got the hall closet cleaned out last week. She has now claimed the space between the door and the items on the floor as her cat house. She grabs her kindle, puts up her sign and hides in there for hours on end. I’m not going to complain–at least she is reading.


Messages from my children: I love them all. They built me this one out of bricks on our back patio. I could see it whenever I looked out my kitchen window. So to you from my girls: “HI!”


Those were some simple things that made me smile this week. What were some things that brightened your week?




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