Ways to Thank A Mom

Living in Green Grass is about being content with what you have. A big part of contentment is spreading the joy and happiness, thanking others for what they bring to your life. Often moms have a huge influence on who we become and may even lay the foundation for contentment.With Mother’s Day coming soon, I wanted to highlight moms and share some ways to thank them.

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Perhaps your mom was a shining example of happiness and contentment and you strove to be just like her. Maybe your mom was a chronic complainer and you decided to be her opposite. Most likely, she was something in the middle….most of us are. No matter what your mom is like, try to find something good and thank her for it.

If your mom is not in your life for whatever reason, I encourage you to find a mom-like figure. Find a mentor or someone you turn to for advice or love when all else fails and thank them this Mother’s Day. I would be willing to bet that there is someone in your life like that…and I know those thank-yous will be just as heartfelt and appreciated.

Here are some simple ways you can tell your mom thank-you:

Something Homemade:

Birthday Card sewed for a mom

I love homemade things from my girls, especially when I know they put time and effort to complete them. Last year Miss Crafty hand sewed a birthday card with a handwritten letter inside. I will treasure it for a very long time. Spoonful.com is full of Mother’s Day ideas that kids can do.


Baked goods: Perhaps you are blessed with the ability to bake. If not, consider that your mother will just appreciate the time and effort you put in to make this special treat. She’ll smile through every last struggle to choke down the dry hunk of ‘treat’ you just put in front of her while desperately looking for that glass of milk to save her life. If you’re in category 2…move on. You don’t want to kill your mom on Mother’s Day. If you’ve been blessed with the ability to bake, consider making her a favorite dessert.

Picture frames: This is something good for all ages. Depending on the age, you can make anything from foam and sticker frames to a nice painted wood frame. Take a picture of yourself, or get one of you and your mom, put it in the frame and you have a gift she’ll treasure for a long time. Need help getting started? Click Here for some ideas.



A day out

I love spending time with my mom. It is relaxing and fun to do something together that we both enjoy. It really isn’t about what we do, it is about the time. I can sit on her couch with a cup of tea and chat for a few and it is just as enjoyable as if we were out on the town. Some simple things to do:

  • Lunch
  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Geo-cashing
  • A hike or walk
  • Get a cup of coffee together


A gift

It seems like Mother’s Day is all about what you get your mom. Why do we do that for holiday’s. Oh, I know…because the retail market survives on holidays. Think of how much is spent on Christmas, how many flowers are bought on Valentine’s Day and what all goes into creating that perfect Easter Basket. Yes, I buy my daughters something for each of those days, but more is not always better.

A gift for Mother’s Day is something that should come from a desire to thank, not in obligation. Find something that you know your mom would appreciate. Some moms love flowers and jewlery, others will smile and say thanks–and then the flowers wilt and the jewlery collects dust.

I don’t know your mom. Instead of providing a list of gifts, consider who she is. If you think about it, you’ll know what is appropriate.


You don’t always have to spend money on Mother’s Day. Maybe just a simple phone call, email or handwritten note would make her day.


No matter what you choose

thank your mom this year

I know she’ll appreciate it.





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