Simple Things V. 1

Life is about the simple things. Every week, I try to take 4 pictures of things that made me smile. Here are this week’s photos:


  Flowers from my children: I know I have achieved true motherhood when a bouquet of weeds, tulips, and wilting flowers makes me smile. They make these all spring long and I love each one of them.


  Modest Girls: It makes me smile to know my girls have a sense of modesty. When The Inventor cut out the shirt, she thought it was too low cut. Instead of making a new shirt, she made an undershirt to give her girl the necessary modesty.   IMG_20140417_110057   Cleanliness: It may not be a big deal to some people, but having a clean dresser top is a big accomplishment for me. I am a clutter collector and have spent the last 4 months cleaning and organizing my house. This is one of the last places I had left. My house is now officially uncluttered!


  Cram Sessions: Our church is doing a memory verse challenge in the Children’s Ministry right now. Miss Crafty is determined to memorize at least 1 verse a week. The problem? She often forgets until it is time to leave for church. This week I busted her cramming in the back seat of the truck on the drive in. Brings back memories from my Bible verse cramming days. Those were 4 simple things that made me smile this week. I’d love to hear what brightened your week! ~Crystal


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