A Lost Card

Every week I write about someone who deserves a Green Grass Award. The Green Grass Award this week goes to Nancy.

Nancy is someone who often has a smile on her face. She is bubbly and happy, and it is infectious! She is a realist and deals with life’s stress but she doesn’t let it keep her down. Before you know it, Nancy is back and smiling again.

family picture

I asked Nancy to share a moment in her life when she learned what Living in Green Grass was all about–being content with what she had, knowing it was all she needed.

She took me back to a day 14 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being a stay at home mom to a 4 month old son certainly brought its challenges. Her husband worked as a sign language interpreter for the local school district which meant he had summers off–unpaid. Money was extremely tight and barely enough to live on.

She noticed she had enough formula in the can to make 2 bottles for her son. Still 2 weeks until payday, Nancy came to the realization that her son was going to be without and possibly go hungry.

With tears in her eyes, she made her son his last bottle and put him down for a nap. She sat on the sofa and cried because she didn’t have enough to feed him.

She realized she was stuck in a cycle, a cycle that would continue unless she found a part time job. With that in mind, she got up from the sofa, wiped her eyes and began cleaning up the front room.

As she put her son’s toys away, she came across her mom’s old purse with memoirs and other things inside. She found an old unopened envelope–something she had missed in the past. Inside was a birthday card from her mom with $500 in it!

“I fell to my knees in disbelief and thanked God for the unexpected gift. I called my husband and he was a shocked as I was.”

Not only did God provide money for the baby’s formula, it changed their family forever. They learned to live in trust and faith. It motivated her husband to leave his secure job and venture into something he had never done before as a convenience store manager– job which ended up paying double what he was making previously.

Since then, she has lived in trust and faith, trusting the Lord for everything from finances and employment to where they live. This is not an easy road and the challenges still arise for Nancy, but the difference comes because she knows that God has her back.

I asked Nancy where her happiness and contentment comes from:

“I am reminded that this life is temporary. I know that we often look for ‘heaven on earth’ but we have to remember that heaven is heaven and earth is earth.”


Nancy, thank you for being a shining example of contentment and faith. A faith that trusts God will provide even when you don’t see a way.



I’m always looking for people who live in Green Grass–being content with what they have, knowing it is enough. Like Nancy, my contentment comes through my faith. I would love to hear what makes you or someone you know content, living happily in their patch of grass. I may even pick your story to share! Let me know using the contact form under the Green Grass Awards tab or by clicking here.


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