My Roller Coaster Ride

There’s the old saying, “Life is like a roller coaster.”

…and I’m on a good one right now.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

It is a nice old wooden one, with lots of hills and sharp turns. The ones that lurch as the cart begins and you double check the bar on your lap to make sure it is tight enough. This is going to be quite the ride.

I love the clicking of the chain as the slow ascent begins, feeling the anticipation in my very soul not knowing what is to come.

I throw my hands up in the air, prepare for the drop and scream. Oh what a drop it is, beautiful, exhilarating, freeing. All with my safety bar keeping me securely in the car. And as I hit the bottom of that first hill, I smile, knowing that this is just the beginning.

There’s a sharp curve here, a loop there, and so much thrill and joy.

I’m on one of those really big roller coasters that has a 2nd chain to get the momentum going again.

That’s where I’m at on this crazy ride I call “Whatever 2014”.

Sitting at the bottom of the hill, waiting for the tow chain to catch and take me on to the next part.

I’m in limbo. The cart is out of momentum and cannot go on. I hear it clicking, and prepare for the tug, but I’m stuck at the bottom of the hill.

I want to see what the next half has to bring, what this ride turns into, but the chain keeps skipping. I’m anxious but I can’t do anything about it.

So I have to say ‘whatever’ and take a moment to look at The Husband and know we’ll get moving again when the chain catches. Along for the ride are Miss Crafty and The Inventor, waiting patiently too, knowing that we’ll lead the way. As the children in the family, they are merely being towed along for a ride that we decided to put them on.

The Husband and I made some major decisions over the past few months. At the beginning of the month he resigned from his job. Last week I launched Living in Green Grass.

It was freeing for both of us. We had been discussing them for a long time, taking the tow up the first hill. These past 2 weeks have been full of twists and turns, curves that we didn’t see coming. Sometimes we had a say in them, most of the time we didn’t.

Now we’re at the bottom of the next hill. We’re waiting, in limbo, for our chain to catch. Everything is up in the air, from where he works to where we live at by the end of the summer.

I’m reminded of a verse that has become my mantra over the past couple months. I’ve literally fallen asleep some nights chanting this, over and over again.

Provberbs 3 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all my heart, and do not lean on my own understanding.

There are days when I don’t fully understand why we’re going through this, why things couldn’t be different. I know that The Husband could no longer stay at his job. It was simply time for him to move on–completely and entirely his choice.

We listened to God. He started up this roller coaster and we began the assent. The anticipation waiting for the ride to begin as God prepared us, tugging us up this huge hill was downright overwhelming some days.

This has been an amazing journey, built on faith and trust. It is not close to being over. There’s a lot of ride left, but I can say that I am glad I’m on it.

There has been pain and tears. I don’t understand why God put us in this cart, on this track, but He did. Roller coasters can be downright terrifying and some days I feel like I’m blindfolded–unable to see 2 feet in front of me.

There is beauty in this too. My faith and trust in God has strengthened enormously. When I say, “Whatever God, I trust you,” I mean it from the pit of my soul. I make plans, I work on them, but there are things in motion here that are out of my control. I have to trust that the right things will happen.

As I ride the track of whatever, waiting for the next hill or turn, I trust that I am safe and secure–that my track is complete. I have a feeling the chain is going to start clicking in a few days. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the peace, here at the bottom with my family, on the best roller coaster that has ever been built.

There’s an old saying, “Life is Like a Roller Coaster”

….I’m just glad mine was designed by God.


Things that are wonderful in my patch of grass:

LoggaWiggler / Pixabay

  • We have a couple people thinking about buying the house and that means they may want to see the inside. I’ve been busily working on organizing and cleaning. Even if the house doesn’t sell, I got a freshly cleaned and uncluttered house out of the deal.
  • I tried a new recipe for southwestern chicken last night and everyone actually ate it. In my house it is a miracle when I don’t burn a new recipe and it turns out tasty.






Every year I pick one word to focus on instead of making New Year’s Resolutions. I named my roller coaster “Whatever 2014” because that is my word that is helping me get through this crazy year. I highly recommend reading the book “My One Word”. It clarifies the journey and has helped me through this process. The best part is that you can start any time!


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