The Waiting Game, Pt 2

(This is part 2 of The Waiting Game. Unfortunately Part 1 fell victim to my errors when I broke the site)

I live in a world of WHATEVER by choice. Every year I pick one word to focus on based on My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word and this year it is ‘whatever‘.

Recently a lot of my whatever has been about waiting. Waiting on the job situation, waiting on the house thing, waiting to tell people about Living in Green Grass….just waiting.

Once I gave it up to God, I’ve been perfectly okay. Waiting has been fun. I don’t know what’s going to happen so I don’t have to do anything but the status quo.

The wait is over!


Wait #1: The job situation

Last week, The Husband and I felt it was time for him to turn in his resignation. After 11 1/2 years, he is moving on at the end of the month.

To what?

We’re going to wait on that for a bit.


Wait #2: The house thing

We have 2 different people curious about the house. I say curious because all they have done say they will drive by sometime this week to see if they are interested. Awesome. 2 different people are curious about buying the house simply based off our description and price, without any advertising at all.

So I sit in my house with the curtains drawn and wait for a phone call if they want to see the inside…..not knowing if they have already driven by.


Wait #3: Living in Green Grass

Living in Green Grass launched this week to my family and friends. I got to tell everyone about what I have been working on. It has been a fun past couple days getting feedback and knowing that somebody is actually reading what I write instead of just posting to the void known as the internet.

I can share, I can communicate, I can talk. It is no longer this great secret of mine. I have dreams and goals of what I see Living in Green Grass become and it has taken its first breath.

So now I wait to see what God makes of this. Where He takes it and what wonderful things He has in store.



I thought the waiting was over. Things are happening and things are moving.

And I wait.

It is like The Husband and I grabbed hands and took a great big leap off the cliff last week and we don’t know when to pull the parachute cord. The idea of plummeting to my death becoming nothing but a crater with red permeating from the center is not a goal of mine.

But as we begin our all we can here is the instructor in the background yelling,


“Don’t pull the parachute cord yet, it isn’t time.”


But if I pull it now, I won’t go splat.


“You can’t see the ground.”


It is a little foggy, but I might be able to make something out as I safely glide closer.


“No, wait.”



I’ve never been skydiving or base jumping although it is a hidden dream of mine to jump out of a plane some day. I have been told that those first few minutes before you pull the cord and are saved by the parachute are some of the most exhilarating and freeing times of your life.

That free-fall with nothing to hold you back, twisting and turning in the air sounds like a dream.

And I’m living the dream of possibilities right now.

We may live here, or there. At this point, only God knows. What I know is that we should be hearing from someone next week. We might know something after that.

Once the house thing is resolved, The Husband knows where to put in applications. There is no point in putting in applications here only to say, “Sorry, I’m moving,” when the phone rings for an interview.

Living in Green Grass is a beast all of its own. It may be hit by a massive dose of misguided Round-Up and die an untimely death. I hope it doesn’t, but it might. My prayer is that with proper fertilization and time it grows into something more beautiful than my dreams.

Until then, I wait and sit with whatever. Ready to take the next step when God directs.

These last few days as I’ve soared through the sky I’ve seen some beautiful things. God working in ways that are beyond me. A few days ago only 1 person was going to drive by the house, now there are 2, The Husband has a few job leads if we don’t move, and the girls have been able to watch us step out in faith. I pray that no matter what happens, The Husband and I are examples of living in faith and trust.

The more I fall, the more stress blows off my body flapping away in the wind. Living in whatever is such a free place to be. I’m okay with any place we land because it is whatever God has designed for us.

I know God’s got this one, I just have to be ready when He says, “PULL THE CORD.”




In my patch of grass: feet-7861

  • The girls had dentist check ups yesterday. Hurray for no cavities!
  • I ate something that didn’t fit with the diet. I’m really not liking food right now. I guess as a positive I’m dropping those l last few pounds. I’m about out of extra weight to lose–hopefully this is the last time it happens.




Every year I pick one word to focus on instead of making New Year’s Resolutions. Whatever is helping me walk through this time of the unknown with faith and trust and without stress. I highly recommend reading the book “My One Word”. You don’t have to wait until January to pick your word, you can start now!


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