When The Husband’s Away

Over the years I’ve made myself a survival kit. It’s a kit that contains many things that help me pass off mom stress–especially when The Husband is away.

This week The Husband has a major event at work. It is an annual thing and I’ve learned to not plan on seeing him from Thursday until Saturday afternoon since he works 15-18 hour days.


I don’t know how I’m going to get through this year because in the past it has involved lots and lots of milk chocolate and Cherry Pepsi. It is so bad that when the girls were little they started calling Cherry Pepsi, “Mom’s survival drink.” Now that milk and most processed sugars are out of my diet, I’m having to recreate my kit.



Tea: I’m a wannabe tea snob. I grow and dry my own mint so I have tea the entire year. We have tins of tea that someone gave us from Paris and I can tell the difference between that and regular store tea. However, when I need a shot of caffeine, my go to tea is Lipton. I drink at least 1 cup in the morning, and when I pull out my mom kit, there is a 100-ct box in the bottom of it.




Movies: I may be a female, but there are only so many hours a day that I can take the constant yakking of 2 girls. They get to playing and talking in their animal voices and it just wears me out. It is a wonder I haven’t managed to pull all my hair out yet. I retreat to my bedroom and pop in a movie on the computer. This weekend I’m going to do a Twilight marathon. The Husband humors me by watching it, and usually doesn’t fall asleep….I’ll save him the torture and watch them alone this time.




Webkinz: And if they really wear me down, I’m not above bribery. The girls love their Webkinz and I have 2 stashed in the back of my closet for when I’m most desperate, or next Christmas, whichever comes first. One new Webkinz apiece and they’ll be entertained for days playing games online with each other. Of course, that means increased animal talk so I better have another movie in mind if I resort to Webkinz.




Body Pillow: I have a hard time falling asleep when The Husband is gone. I’m co-dependent in that way. The only thing I’ve figured out is to take an extra body pillow and lay it on the other side of the bed so there’s at least a lump there. I don’t know why it works because it isn’t warm and definitely doesn’t snore, but it helps.



And honestly, that is how I plan on getting through the rest of the week. What are some things that you keep in your stress survival kit?


All of the above items are available on Amazon as you create your stress survival kit. Click on the box below or one of the links above and it will take you directly to the product.

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