Launch Day!

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while and dreaming of it longer….

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Welcome to Living in Green Grass! 

Living  in Green Grass has been a dream of mine for a long time. I celebrate the joy of life and find good in the day–but realize and acknowledge that life is bad sometimes. There is no need to cover that up but there’s also no need to dwell in it. It is about keeping it real.

A little about the site:

Living in Green Grass has a weekly posting cycle. That means different types of posts go up depending on the day.


Monday’s posts are random stories about my life. One week it might be something funny, another might be a story about The Husband and I, and yet another might be an adventure Miss Crafty and The Inventor had. You never know what you’re going to get but be assured it is a real glimpse into my life.


Things make life easier. Tuesday is my way of sharing what physical items I enjoy. I pick up to 4 things that fit a topic and share them. Please note: many links on this site are affiliate links. That means if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a commission off that sale. My full disclosure statement is linked at the top of every page or you can read it here. (check: required legal notice has been posted)


One Word Wednesday. Every year instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, I pick 1 word to focus on. I pray over it, meditate on it, and it directs my entire year. On Wednesdays I journal about how my word affected my week. Usually, it ends up being more serious. You could say Wednesday is my deeper day.


This is my favorite day and what I dream Living in Green Grass becomes. This day is about you. I share real stories of people dealing with life, finding contentment, and living happily in their patch of grass. I call it the Green Grass Award. My dream is to turn Living in Green Grass into a place where I’m sharing at least 1 story a day to encourage, inspire and spread contentment and happiness. To accomplish that, I’ll need your help. More on that in a moment….


Friday is a good gut check day for me. It reminds me how I’m living in contentment. During the week, I take 4 pictures of simple things that made me smile or reminded me to be content with what I have been given by God. I want to celebrate that with you.


There you have it. That is Living in Green Grass in a nut shell. I have goals and dreams of the great things it can become, but I can’t do that without your help. I am but one person and the internet is a vast sea. I can post until I’m blue in the face, but if no one visits even the greatest website will die.


If you have a desire to Live in Green Grass with me, I’m asking you to do some simple things. Do all five or just do one, but Living in Green Grass cannot exist without you:


How you can help:

  1. Become my biggest fan: Like me on Facebook, subscribe via email, follow me on twitter….and share content with your friends. Encourage them to do the same. I’m asking you to help promote me.
  2. Read and reply: Let’s turn Living in Green Grass into a community that celebrates contentment. Read my posts, reply in the comments section, on Facebook or tag me on twitter (#LivnNGrnGrass). Let’s have a conversation on what it is like to live in contentment. If you’re struggling with something, let me know…I will gladly pray for you.
  3. Green Grass Awards: These are the stories I share on Thursday. I can research and find stories to share but most of them are viral stories you may have already read. I want to share fresh grassroots stores, not just re-post what’s already out there. This is what I dream Living in Green Grass becomes. Please consider sharing a personal story or telling me of someone who inspires you. I want this to be a community where we celebrate together, and my life is bound to get boring soon. Shortly I will be creating a form but for now you can email me at crystal ‘at’
  4. Give me feedback: Is there something on the site you love or could use improvement? Would you like to see something else? I’m not a professionally trained writer so please don’t become the grammar police, but am I creating grammar sins and things you can’t get past? Let me know, I need to hear from you.
  5. Giveaway week: I’m officially launching Living in Green Grass today. My hope is to build my base with my biggest supporters–you! In a few weeks, I want to branch out. One of my plans is to have a giveaway a day for a week. I cannot finance 5 days of giveaways and I think it can be an awesome opportunity for you. If you have a business and would like to donate something to the giveaway I will promote you for free and hopefully get you some more contacts too. If interested, please contact me at: crystal “at” or through Facebook.


I’m excited to begin this journey and hope you’ll come along with me for the ride.



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